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In the first place
Twins CH5 elastic bands are extra long (5 meters).

Especially since they are of very good quality.
They will accompany you during all your thai kick boxing, Mma, savate, English boxing training sessions ...

Especially since with this length they will allow you to go around your hand several times, to both better protect your wrist, but also to obtain a tight fist for a solid punch.

Also, don't forget that they are made from semi-elastic material, which will stretch comfortably around your wrist and between your fingers, without that stuffy side that pure cotton-based bands can give.

Note that the Twins CH5 protective strips are available in several colors: black, blue, green, gray, white, brown, orange, pink, red

Bandes de protection Twins

There is no doubts handwrap protection will make the happiness of all the practitioners of combat sports.

it should be noted that:
Bandages are strips of fabric used by martial arts and combat sport practitioners to protect their hands and wrists from punch-induced injuries.

Especially since the bandages securely wrap around the wrist, palm and base of the thumb and help reduce the risk of sprains and fractures.
The better maintenance of joint alignment also improves the strike from an impact standpoint.

Size: One Size

Country of Manufacture: THAILAND

Weight: 200 gr

little link to show you how to put your handwraps ici

Additional information

weight 0.3 kg
Colors :

Black, Blue, Green, sand, white, Brown, Orange, Pink, Red


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