The Vision of the World

To begin,

The Vision of the World an online store.
The store for fighters, fight sports practitioners and boxing clubs.
It aims to please you by offering a wide range of products trying to represent each type of fighting sport such as :
Muaythaï, Kickboxing, English Boxing, Savate, French Boxing Mma.

In addition, you will find all the clothing, equipment for combat sports and martial arts at the best value for money, brands such as :
Top King

Quality equipment such as: Gloves, shin guards, mouth guards, helmet, bands, and a choice for coaches that don’t forget paos, mittens, chest protectors, punching rackets, punching bags etc.

Moreover, we know how important it is in combat sports to identify with a group of students, a gym or a martial art, so we offer our customers the possibility to personalize the material ordered according to their desires (choice of colors, design and logo).

In general Votw is the ideal e-commerce site, a wide choice of products, quality prices defying all competition.
Ideal also to equip your boxing gym.

Our goal is to offer you a wide choice of brands as we go along.

Having a company based in Thailand, we have the opportunity to work directly with the suppliers of our brands such as Twins Special, Fairtex, Top King, Decha.
Hence the advantage of our extremely competitive prices.
Moreover, we have more proposals on certain products that you will find only with us.
Like some products such as: the Fairtex Urface X series, the sweating set from Twins Special.

And then you have the possibility to send us an email in case you don’t find an article on our site that you want us to have the pleasure to find for you.

We also guarantee you the best equipment for your workouts.

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